Compact Services

  Business Computer Systems

Compact Services provides advice on setting up and maintaining appropriate systems for many different organisations, including basic stand alone systems for general office and accountancy use and multi-terminal systems for use within larger organisations.

Key Benefits

  • Our wealth of experience in this field can save you enormous amounts of time and money in researching the best solution for your computer needs
  • We make sure that, once up and running, everything stays that way
  • You are never on your own - we are but a telephone call away



We always keep abreast of the latest technology so we can offer best advice in choosing the most appropriate hardware to meet your needs.

Operating Systems

Our main skills are currently with Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8, however we also use Apple Mac and Linux.

Software - Off the Shelf packages

We make extensive use of all Microsoft Office 2003/2010/2013 applications, Adobe Photoshop/PageMaker/In Design and Macromedia Dreamweaver/Flash! Additionally we have in-house experience of many other leading software packages. Therefore we are able to help you to make the right choice and we offer training and telephone support solutions to meet your needs.

Software - Bespoke

In addition to our in-house programming for WAY, R2WAY, KIT and vSkills we also provide bespoke services - please contact us to discuss your particular needs.