Compact Services

  Company Profile

Compact Services was established in 1988 with the core objective:

  • To empower the smaller business to compete in the global market by the provision of world class support services at affordable prices.

To achieve our objectives we provide technology and accountancy services and products to a diverse range of clients dealing in high quality products and services.

Our services and products include:

  • computer and business systems consultancy services
  • management and financial accountancy services
  • systems analysis and programming services
  • our WAY accountancy and KIT costing systems - installation and customisation to match client's requirements
  • R2WAY EPOS system - barcode labels (any size/shape), all barcode scanners supported and digital image database (virtual warehouse). Also provides for data transfers to and from Head Office via e-mail or VPN
  • R2WAYHO the Head Office data centre of our Retail Multi Branch EPOS system with digital image database support
  • Internet and intranet site creation and maintenance based on our vSkills engine that can be seamlessly integrated with our WAY and KIT systems for a complete eCommerce solution for your business

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