Compact Services


Compact Services Three Part Solution to Retail Branch Stock and Sales Management.


This system supports digital images and interbranch stock availability (currently data transfers with Head Office via email, future developments include a VPN option for “real time” transactions). Support for all barcode scanners available. Barcode labels can be configured for any off the shelf stock or customised to any shape/size.


Head Office repository of the branch R2WAYdata. This contains a mirror image of the branch R2WAY systems (backups for disaster recovery) along with comprehensive transaction search and user configurable reporting facilities (eg. Sales Person commission reports based on sales/money taken). The digital image database provides the on screen images for the R2WAY EPOS units and can be used for other purposes such as the Internet (integrate with our vSkills engine). Data export module for auto transfer of the approved sales transactions to WAY4WIN.


An extensible accounting engine providing an integrated solution to stock, sales, purchases, nominal and banking accounts management. This is our Windows GUI based successor to WAY.


Description Price  
R2WAY – per EPOS unit £500  
R2WAYHO – per company £1,000  
WAY4WIN – per LAN – multi company and multi user system... £2,500 1 to 5 users
Re-purposing of existing digital images £1.50 per image
Data analysis and preparation assistance £500 - £1,000 per day
Initial site construction/configuration £500 - £1,000 per day
Indicative price of a typical installation of 1 company head office with 6 retail branches, not linked to WAY4WIN £4,500 - £6,000  
Indicative price including integration with WAY4WIN and allowing for 10 days onsite assistance for system design and implementation £20,000  

All prices in GB Pounds Sterling - Prices (correct as at 1 September 2007)