Compact Services

  The WAY Accounting Suite
  • Integrated, real time information system with Order Processing.
  • Flexible Document sizing (Invoices, Journals, et cetera) will grow to exactly the number of detail lines that you enter.
  • Extremely flexible Terms Codes for Purchases and Sales. Includes auto bank deposits on Payment With Order Invoices, ideal for Mail Order.
  • Stock Selling Price Bands - as many as you want with the 2 character identifier! Flexible number of Price Bands on each Stock Item.
  • Each year supports up to 12 or 13 variable length periods.
  • The VAT 5 character identifier allows for as few or as many rates as you need. Enough to cater for multiple EU Registration countries!
  • Output information through seamless link with R&R Report Writer (WAY includes R&R Runtime). Interactive queries and print preview are fully supported. All reports can be sent to screen, printer or disk.
  • All reports support Bar Codes and the use of Bar Code readers is seamlessly integrated within the Order Processing and Production Control routines.
  • Comprehensive User Security System.
  • WAY uses the standard DBF file format...
    • ODBC data access with Microsoft Office or Lotus applications:
    • easy mail merge with Word Processors;
    • simple access to further data analysis in Spread Sheets.
  • The contents of all files and fields are obvious from their names, so customised report writing was never easier!
  • With the addition of KIT you have a complete configurable costing system fully integrated within WAY.


Description Price  
WAY Accounting Suite £1,250 1 to 5 users
KIT Costing System £750 1 to 5 users
Initial on-site configuration £500 per day
Maintenance and support contract available P.O.A.  
Indicative price of typical installation £5,000 to £15,000+  

All prices in GB Pounds Sterling - Prices (correct as at 1 September 2007)